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SQL Audit

Track and Monitor the results of your SQL activity

Let 'em run WILD with SQL...we've got SQL Audit!

SQL Audit tracks and monitors modifications made to any IBM iSeries (AS400) database using SQL. Log and monitor database activity including inserts, updates or deletes. If journalling is not active on the system, SQL Audit automatically journals the before and after image of the data updated with SQL. Capture information about who executed the SQL, when it was done, what library/file it was run against and other pertinent information. Using the SQL Audit menu, users can report all this information and use it to tailor their SQL statements and/or report these modifications as required by internal audits or compliance regulations.

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SQL Audit in Action

Auditing data that the Standard IBM journal captures
Auditing data that the Standard IBM journal captures.

Actual data-it highlights the fields that were changed.
Actual data before and after images, it
highlights the fields that were changed.

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