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Leading Provider of IBM i Utilities

ProData is a leading provider of System i utilities. Since 1981, ProData has been at the forefront in the evolution of software for the System i and was one of the first companies to work with the IBM relational database. As a leader in the development of utilities such as DBU database utility, ProData has sold over 20,000 licenses worldwide. ProData has also participated in IBM i Developer's Roadmap, COMMON America Advisory Council, Advanced Business Partner and IBM Tools Partner programs.

ProData Unleashes the Power of the IBM i(AS/400) with:

  • DBU the #1 database utility & file editor
  • DBU Audit for database compliance issues
  • RDB Connect for remote data access
  • RDR to retrieve deleted records
  • SQL/Pro for queries and report formatting
  • SQL Audit tracks and monitors changes made via SQL