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RDB Connect

The easy way to access remote data from the IBM i

RDB Connect allows your IBM iSeries (AS/400) to remotely access & share remote data from:
DB2, SQL Server, Oracle, PostgreSQL, MySQL, MariaDB, Access and more!

DB2, SQL Server, Oracle, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Access

How RDB Connect Helps You

Give your IBM iSeries (AS/400) full SQL access to remote databases from all IBM i high-level languages. It is a collection of commands and functions allowing record level access to remote data using RPG, CL or COBOL! Programmers can write applications that use standard types and features without concern for the specifics of each remote database. Likewise, database driver implementers need only know how to attach to the core library.

RDB Connect will run on an IBM iSeries (AS/400) with an operating system version of V6R1M0 and above. It requires an IP connection/Host Name to the remote server that is running the database that you want to access.

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Note: RDB Connect 4.0 requires systems to be running Java 1.5 or greater for better performance and compatibility (RDBConnect 4.0 also works with Classic JVM). Check what Java version is installed on your IBMi system. From the IBMi command line run the command: Java *version
  • Menu driven interface
  • Improved functionality
  • Improved functionality
  • Import & Export remote data, to and from the IBM i
  • Use RDB Connect APIs to execute SQL queries for access to remote data
  • RDB Connect Menu for quick access to commands
  • Manage Remote Systems
  • NEW - Seamless error handling
  • Allows any SQL query to be run
  • Can be used in batch or interactive programs
  • Communicate with remote databases directly from RPG, COBOL, or CL programs
  • Transfer data from IBM i to a remote Database
  • Transfer ISO Dates from IBM i
Note: After installing RDB40, the RDBSBS will be running under the RDB40 library. If you are upgrading your RDB30 and want to continue running RDB30, end RDBSBS (ENDSBS SBS(RDBSBS) OPTION(*IMMED)) and restart it (STRSBS SBSD(RDB30/RDBSBS)).

RDBConnect 5 Highlights

You can’t make data-driven decisions with incomplete information. Together, NGS and ProData help you access, transfer, query, analyze, present, and share data wherever it’s stored - all from the IBM i.

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"We love DBU RDB! ProData has RDB for DBU database utility / file editor which allows you to do a DBU on the remote database, where RDB Connect allows you to connect to the remote database using a CL or RPG program. Plus, their support is world - class!"
Bruce Collins, AAA Cooper Transportaton