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DBU Subscription

Anytime, anywhere….for $10 bucks a day!

Make DBU available for ANY and ALL of your boxes at anytime. Purchase a subcription to DBU for a convenient method of activating DBU on any System i server whenever you need it. Each activation of DBU for one day usage is only $10!

Whether you are testing or just occasionally have the need to utilize DBU on any server or additional partition, ProData offers you a simple way to use and pay for on demand access to your database. This is great for consultants hopping around to shops where DBU is not yet installed or for those systems that have sat in the corner for years.

Customers have told us that they want DBU on all systems.....even the ones that are infrequently accessed. Now with a DBU subscription they can activate a fully-functional DBU for just the time needed on any System i, for only $10 a day! Get started today by submitting our online subscription form.

DBU Subscription Special Offer - FREE $50 Usage

Plus for a limited time, register for a subscription amount of $300 (30 days of usage) and receive an additional $50 usage FREE! Contact our sales team today at or call 800.228.6318 and ask for $50 usage free. Then access DBU on any System i or any partition...anytime, anywhere!

This is great for those 'seldom touched' systems or partitions and a lifesaver in emergency database situations. Use DBU for $10 bucks a day anytime, anywhere! Contact us today to activate your on-demand account and pay only when you use DBU. Do it with DBU.

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"Greatest product ever for working with DB2 files on the iSeries. Don't know what I would do without it."
Rick Fontaine, Turners Falls, MA